What Does a Realtor do?

I think we think of real estate agents as someone who perhaps shows homes a few times a week and that is it!  Oh my goodness. The opposite is true! 

We must see as many properties as possible for knowing the inventory is so important. How can anyone discuss the area unless we know what has sold, is on the market, has expired or will be entering the market. I must admit that some of my clients who only wish to work with me  in areas that I do not usually work in, I will preview homes in their price range to gain that quick knowledge of what is happening in those towns but I also try and refer them to associates that I know too to best represent them!

Continuing education is also required. Every two years I must take 22.5 hour of continuing education courses. (Yikes! mine is due by June 1st!).

However that all aside, we must write reports either for new clients, buyers or the appraiser.  Social media is important, and staying in touch with past clients is also important!

I have been in real estate for over 20 years and I smile at all of the additional things I have done over the years for clients. Short Sales. Easy !  I once spent over 3 months calling different insurance companies (I discovered that many change names, switch policies, etc.) in endeavoring to get coverage for an oil spill on a client’s property. Her father had passed, and there was no insurance policy but I discovered that should an oil spill reach the water table, it becomes a  third party coverage and the insurance company must cover same. In that instance, I was able to obtain $38000 for my client which was wonderful! Reduced property taxes for clients. Done! Divorce is always traumatic. I have successfully negotiated between both husband and wife in these delicate situations while representing both parties. Attorneys have informed me that we would not have closed if it wasn’t for my hard work. (Oh my!).

I have negotiated with a bank executive to accept less interest so there would be no short sale but that the loan was paid in full (it just made good common sense and the executive realized that!).

I have had some extremely wealthy clients who own several homes, and in those circumstances I have inventoried their possessions and even packed, inventoried and taken digital photos for the valuables in yet another estate! I care. One wealthy client had a huge gym to dispose of. I had suggested she donate all of the equipment to the local Boys and Girls Club. She loved the idea and put me in charge of arranging everything including transporting all of the equipment! Special companies are required to dismantle certain equipment but my son, A.J. was a genius (truly!). He was able to not only dismantle everything but he put everything together again perfectly once it arrived at the Boys and Girls Club!

Certain staging such as linens, towels, and flowers /plants free of charge. Done!  Cleaning a home. Easy!! Prior to Covid, I was well known for serving lunches at broker’s open houses, and I would try to serve foods befitting the property. A beautiful estate deserved lobster salad sandwiches and champagne! A July listing became a July 4th celebration and so on! Wine and cheese – easy!

I recently inherited 4 feral cats that the owners had been taking care of and had to leave behind. I have been visiting the home twice a day to feed them, and in the process bought a small dog kennel, thermal blankets, hay-filled bedding and blankets too! 

As agents, we usually can recommend good contractors, roofers, handymen, etc. to our seller clients. I referred last year as the year of the rent back and it seemed every other seller needed to rent back their home after closing  and prior to moving to  their new abode.  As agents, we are here to assist (some more than others of course!).

It is always my pleasure to meet agents and their clients at a listing when the seller feels more comfortable.  If clients move away then I always like to check on the house daily!

I also have a blog site (http://www.larchmontandnewrochellenews.com) , and always like to promote listings and area updates on the site. It is fun and is well viewed! I am also privileged to sponsor local events and charities. I love helping the community!

In short, Realtors (or some of us) do way more than is expected. I also take my profession so seriously that I took the time to obtain 7 designations ( Licensed Real Estate Associate Broker, Accredited Buyer’s Representative, Certified Buyer’s Representative, Certified Residential Specialist, Certified Distressed Property Specialist, Graduate Realtor Institute, GREE Designation and Senior Residential Specialist!).

Please feel free to call for all of your real estate requirements!

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Gay E. Rosen is a Top Realtor in the Larchmont and New Rochelle (Lower Westchester) area. She is diligent, caring, driven and thorough (with a sense of humor).Utilize her expertise. Call her!
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