Biggest Benefits of Retiring in Larchmont, NY

After years and years of working hard and providing for you and your family, retirement is supposed to be the time you finally get to rest and relax. And naturally, you want to spend that time in the most pleasant environment possible. That’s why deciding where to spend your retirement is a delicate and important matter. You want it to be a safe, peaceful place, well-suited for retirees. However, just because you want a peaceful retirement doesn’t mean it should be boring. The place you retire in should also have places where retirees can socialize and get entertained. Luckily there is a village in New York that fulfills all that and that Larchmont. There are many benefits of retiring in Larchmont, NY, and we will explore that in our article.

Good things about retiring in Larchmont

We will share with you a simple list of things that make Larchmont such a great place to spend your
But Larchmont is not just good for retirees is simply a great place to live in general. From
welcoming neighbors to beautiful green parks available, Larchmont has everything a retiree could possibly need.

 Larchmont is safe and has low crime rates
 Quality healthcare will be available to you
 The community in Larchmont is welcoming and warm
 There are many gorgeous green parks

 Affordable restaurants and cafes

You won’t have to worry about safety

Safety is an important factor when it comes to deciding where to spend your retirement. You don’t want to spend the days that were supposed to be peaceful, fearing getting burgled or attacked. Also, people don’t want to let their retired parents or grandparents stay in dangerous cities. This quickly eliminates many potential places for retirement. Luckily one of the biggest benefits of retiring in Larchmont is the fact that it is an incredibly safe place. Crime rates in Larchmont are roughly 75% lower than the national average, and violent crime rates are an impressive 69% lower than the national average. According to research, Larchmont is considered safer than almost 80% of the cities in the USA. Considering that
retirees are one of the more vulnerable demographics, this is incredibly important. Thanks to this knowledge, you can relax knowing that your retirement in Larchmont will be safe and peaceful.

Larchmont has excellent healthcare

One of the benefits of retiring in Larchmont is an excellent healthcare

Another important condition a place must fulfill in order to be considered a good place to retire is that it needs to be close to good healthcare facilities. Healthcare is essential to retirees because you never
know when an emergency might occur. And in cases when a health emergency strikes, time is of great importance. You don’t want to have to drive to the other side of the city just to get to a hospital.

Thankfully Larchmont passes this test with flying colors. There is the amazing Larchmont Family Medicine clinic. A clinic located in downtown Larchmont has served the people of Larchmont for over 30years. The doctors at this hospital provide all types of medical care, and they have great specialists in geriatrics. They give excellent care, and the clinic is really close, so emergencies will be dealt with quickly.

A great community

Retirement should be spent in peace among nice and kind people. You don’t want to feel like a reject in your neighborhood and feel like you don’t belong. Thankfully in Larchmont, the situation could not be more different. Larchmont is home to approximately 6700 people, and they create a warm and welcoming community that will accept new people with open arms. People in the Larchmont community all work together to make it an amazing place to live. So if you do decide on making an interstate move to New York and hiring movers so you can spend your retirement here, just know you will get a warm welcome. Pros can make it easier, but it is the community that will help you truly settle in Larchmont. Also, there are a lot of retirees in Larchmont, so you will have adequate company, which is important for older people.

So much greenery! One thing about Larchmont is that it is absolutely gorgeous. And that’s thanks to the many beautiful green parks it has. And parks are a great perk for retirees. They can go for walks, take their grandchildren to the playground or simply sit on the bench and enjoy the fresh air and gorgeous view.

Let’s start with one of the many Larchmont parks: Larchmont Manor Park and Beach. This park is owned
and run by the Larchmont Manor Park Society and its trustees, whom the residents elect. A great thing
about this park is that it is highly regulated, so everyone can enjoy it. Dogs are allowed but must be
leashed, music is only allowed on headphones, and scooters are prohibited. This way, retirees can relax
while enjoying their time in the park with no disturbance. There are also Addison Park, DeMatte Park, Constitution Park, and others.

Many good and affordable restaurants

Just because you are retired doesn’t mean you stop going out. Retirees also need to have a healthy social life, so they need venues where they can go out. Luckily, Larchmont has many excellent yet still affordable restaurants and cafes. Places like Trattoria 141, Victory Garden Café, and Encore Bistro Francais are all great for family celebrations, dinners with friends, etc.

In conclusion

These were the biggest benefits of retiring in Larchmont, NY. And as you can see, Larchmont is a wonderful place with a community that will help any newcomer, including a new retiree, settle in. All the main conditions a place has to fulfill so it can be seen as a good place to retire in, Larchmont achieves. The healthcare facilities are quality and, importantly, close by in case of emergency. Your retirement will be peaceful once you learn about its amazingly low crime rates (roughly 75% lower than the national average) and the city’s overall safety. The parks and great restaurants are a great perk as well. All in all, Larchmont is a great place to live and retire!

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