K-Dramas – Oh my!

Prior to Covid, I would take out 3 books each week from the library and I simply loved to read at night/every night. With Covid, I found my self being drawn to Netflix/HBO/Showtime, etc. and started binge-watching all of the shows/movies/series.

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After catching up on all of the shows everyone had been discussing for years (“Breaking Bad”, “Barry”, “Curb Your Enthusiasm”, “Homeland” “Ray Donovan” etc), I then found myself looking at the shows and series with sub titles. I absolutely loved ‘Silver Spoon” (a Russian show about a wealthy young man whose Oligarch father sends him to the police department to work as a policemen hoping he would mature. He obviously turns out to be a great policeman!). I saw a few years back a Polish series, Swedish shows, Indian, French and German. I loved “Fauda” . One reason I also like the Foreign movies/series is because you get to see how others live/cultures/customs/what they eat around the world. How can you not like that? One regret is my not having gone to Korea for the 2018 Winter Olympics. My son, A.J. was representing Great Britain in luge, and we knew that his equipment was not what it should have been, and so we didn’t go. That and the expense. However, as a mom, we always find a way to see our children! I knew he would not be shown on American television and so I purchased a VPN account which then allowed me to access Sky Sports in England . Through Sky Sports, that then allowed me to watch the races live. The funny thing was my younger son was living in Australia at the time, and he traveled to the Olympics from Australia with his girlfriend, Shannon, and I was able to catch them both on video as they were cheering on A.J. in his races! How much fun is that! My sons told me how great the country is, the food was great so it was definitely my loss! I was never a fan of Kimchi but in seeing in all of the shows will definitely make me try again! On another (proud mom) note, A.J.’s photo at the South Korean Olympics was selected as the new Samsung phone launch ad!

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I am not attracted to the science fiction shows. Game of Thrones never appealed and I can easily skip over so many of the shows now streaming. Call me old fashioned but I like funny, romantic and dramatic ( hopefully intelligent ) shows or shows that are simply fluff. No politics, just enjoyable. Any politics. Click.

So now fast forward to the K-Dramas. I first saw “Crash Falling On You” and loved it. It is about a young, spoiled rich lady who takes a paraglider out, and crashes down into North Korea after a tornado. (Okay far fetched I know but adorable!). Of course, she is found by a simply gorgeous soldier and a love story ensues mixed with drama, humor and romantic music. I cried my eyes out! Ha! From there, I went to “My Holo Love” and absolutely loved “The Good Detective” (I was so sad to hear it was not picked up for a third season as it was great!).

Anyway, my point is – if you are seeking something different other than Science Fiction, Marvel Comic movies then try the K-dramas! They are great!

Real Estate? I am always thrilled to have so many clients from around the world. After seeing one show, I reached out to a Korean friend (past client) and we were chatting about it! However, I do work seven days a week in real estate and am always available but it is also important to unwind at night! Cheers!

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