The Twelve College Alumni Association 2023 Celebrations

On February 4th, the Alumni Association of the Twelve Chinese Universities in the Greater New York area celebrated their Spring Festival Gala at the Royal Queen Sovereign Restaurant in Queens, New York.

The Twelve Universities are: The Shanghai University of Finance and Economics Greater New York Alumni Association , Fudan American Alumni Association ( New York), North American Zhejiang University Alumni Association, Greater New York Chapter Southeast University, Greater New York Alumni Association Nanjing University, Greater New York Alumni Association of Tianjin University (Peking University), North American Alumni Association of Renmin, University of China Dalian University of Technology, Greater New York Alumni Association Shandong University, Greater New York Alumni Association Nankai , Alumni Association University of Science and Technology of China , Greater New York Alumni Association and Jiaotong University .

In quoting from the original invitation:

“The tiger bids farewell to the new year and the rabbit leaps to the new journey on the occasion of the coming of the New Year of Kuimao.

The gala was dedicated to creating a happy and peaceful gathering with the sentiment that warm home-school feelings and delicious food interspersed with performances and inter-active games (and prizes) would create a day of food, wine, friendship, sharing, laughter, interaction, victory, solidarity, memories and prospects.

During the festival season, it is natural that food is indispensable to soothe the Chinese stomach of homesickness and family, and it is also for the meaning a happy reunion. “

The entertainment included, singing , ancient poetry recitation, dance, guitar playing and singing, games and raffle drawings!

The Sponsors included: BCG Glass Industry, Zihan Holding LLC, Ruimei Beauty Industry, Nanjing University Alumni Association Long Island Alumni, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (USA), Acre New York (Boutique Real Estate), Tang Xuewu, Esq., Junma Engineering, Anju Real Estate, Hong Miller ( New York Life Insurance) , MY Visa Services, and I was listed too! Oh my (with special thanks to Kan and Wayne!).

It was a great success (of course), and there was money left over which then led to a follow up celebration on March 19th for the Volunteers and Sponsors at the 698 Cafe located at 39-07 Prince Street in Flushing New York.

David to my right, me, Wayne and Kan!

Everyone made me feel so welcomed. It was such a pleasure meeting everyone and enjoying their conversation. One attendee whose background is in Nuclear Science, is working on AI projects and so he was a wonderful person to chat to with regards to the new Chatgpt app.. Everyone present were so impressive in their respective fields. The menu was varied and delicious!

Here are some photos of the delicious food served. Also featured is a can of the preferred tea in China (while unsweetened in China – it is sweetened for the American palate).

Everyone was so friendly, and after the banquet – karaoke ensued! ! It was simply a wonderful afternoon! A special thank you to Kan and Wayne for inviting me and for their special friendship!


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