Pelham Living – The Inaugural Publication!

I have known Bonnie Dougan for the past 18 years or so, and have known her to be an intelligent, caring person, one who cared for the disadvantaged as a Senior Supervisor at the Young Adult Institute in Tarrytown. Her professionalism, dedication were renowned and touted by all. After 30 years of her unbridled success, Bonnie decided to take a new career path, and became the Publisher of “Pelham Living“. “Pelham Living” is the first magazine to be published in Pelham for many years, and Bonnie has been receiving so many accolades in this new and much needed venture.

I recently sat down with her and asked her a few questions regarding this great new publication. I think you will enjoy hearing more about this new magazine!

 “The magazine will be delivered unwrapped to approximately 2,906 homes in Pelham (village and Manor) via mail each month.  It is a beautiful glossy magazine full of colorful ads and interesting content.  We spotlight a local family/individual on each cover with a feature story inside.

It will feature various family-friendly content from the neighborhood, and nonprofit calendars of events to educational and informative articles from our professional experts and resident (spotlighting their strengths, and involvement in the community). 

The magazine is for the people of Pelham by the people of Pelham, so we encourage participation, ideas, and involvement as much as possible.  The sponsors are the small and large businesses in Pelham and the surrounding areas. 

Question: How are you reaching out to the residents and businesses? “My biggest challenge so far was sometimes getting in front of business owners as they are often busy, as you would imagine, and time is short.”  

Question: I understand you are a Member of the local Chamber of Commerce in Pelham . So you are actively involved in the community also? Has this helped you in your new venture? “Forming wonderful connections with members of the Chamber, other organizations, business owners, and the residents has been a great experience.  Pelham is a wonderful community and I have had pleasant interactions with everyone I met.  I am a board member of the Chamber; I am the fundraising chair and can not say enough nice things about the great and necessary work that this organization is doing to support businesses and the community.  I am honored to be a part of it and to have an input in making it even stronger. I enjoy being involved in community events and learning more about what I can do to facilitate growth, I have a lot of fundraising experience and enjoy supporting important causes.”

 Bonnie can be reached at or phone:  at 914 648-6573. She welcomes sponsors from all of the surrounding areas including Pelham (of course), New Rochelle, Scarsdale, Mamaroneck, Rye and Larchmont!

 Question: I mentioned your past work experience. Please mention a little more?  “Prior to building this publication through Best Version Media (the parent company), I was a Senior Supervisor for Young Adult Institute for many years. I ran a day program for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, developed community volunteer training programs to provide opportunities for individuals to live, work, and learn valuable skills, and did fundraising for the YAI Tarrytown program.  

Question: So your past work experiences has helped facilitate this new career path? “My former work and experiences have certainly helped me to feel more comfortable talking/ meeting with business owners and residents.  I am used to listening to concerns and working with individuals and groups to come up with goals and solutions for those concerns/obstacles.  I sort of use the same approach to help businesses solve issues of getting in front of or getting more customers into their establishment through sponsorship and multi-touch branding approaches; we offer print and digital champagnes.  “

I think we can all congratulate Bonnie on this inaugural May issue, and we look forward to the continued success of this publication!   

Westchester is great! 

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