Black History Month in New Rochelle!

Originally posted in 2017, I thought it would be fun to post and update this blog on the famous notable Black residents in our great city! once again!

Having lived in New Rochelle for over 43 years, I have long appreciated our great city, our wonderful schools, and our library. As an avid reader, I enjoy visiting the library to obtain my late night reading choices (mostly espionage!), and I always admire the impressive exhibitions.  February, being Black History Month, was the perfect opportunity to cite some of our many famous, notable Black residents…

Adina and me! It was a hot evening!

Anna Jones Robinson Bernard 1900-1983 (Teacher, Attorney, Community Activist), Ellabelle Davis 1907-1960 (Concert Soprano), Canada Lee 1907-1952 (Actor), Frederick Douglass Patterson 1901-1988 (, Educator, Doctor of Veterinary  Administrator), Pearl Primus 1919- 1994 (Cultural Anthropologist, Educator, Dancer), Whitney M. Young, Jr. 1921-1971 (Civil Rights Leader, Administrator), Christopher Edley, Sr. 1928-2003 (Former CEO of  the UNCF), Lou Jones 1932-2006 ( Gold Medalist, Athlete, Educator, County Official), Lt. Lee Archer 1919-2010 (WW11 Tuskegee Airman, Corporate Executive, Entrepreneur), Fritz Pollard 1894-1986 (Foot ball Player, Coach and Entrepreneur), Lucille Dixon 1924-2004 (Actress), Ossie Davis 1917-2005 ( Actor, Writer, Producer, Director, Activist), and  Ruby Dee 1922-2014 (Actress, Writer, Poet, Producer, Activist).

My good friend Bonnie and I at a PIFEST evening ( The Play it Forward Eclectic Soul Tour presented Philanthropy through Music).

So funny, but in 2017 I obtained a wonderful listing on Crawford Terrace, and learned that Branford Marsalis , jazz legend, was one of the past owners. I excitedly informed my clients that I would mention his name in the listing. They laughed! As it turned out, one of the owners was Donna Wood who performed for 15 years at the Alvin Ailey Dance Theater! Oh my! I was in the presence of a celebrity! We sold the home that first weekend, and became friends! They were and are lovely! I was also privileged to have sold one of the homes owned by Mr. Ken Chenault (past CEO of American Express) .

In 2022, I saw advertised a great jazz series (PIFEST) which was held in the festive and tented backyard of another local celebrity – Adina Nyree. I was able to attend two of the concerts, and my friends and I had so much fun.

We are privileged to have so many wonderful residents in New Rochelle, both past and present. Come and visit. You will not want to leave!

New Rochelle is GREAT!

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