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The one thing we all notice as Realtors®, are the years and years of ‘stuff’, collectibles, ‘stuff’, antiques, toys, books and ‘stuff’ that we see in seller’s homes either before their home enters the market, or when it is on the market, and you wonder why didn’t they/someone/anyone de-clutter.

With that in mind, I thought it would be a good idea to hold a garage sale to start de-cluttering my home rather than leaving it to my children (50 years hence – I am being optimistic!) I am not selling my home, but all of a suddden, I am also envisioning my children throwing out everything, and I thought that at least I could enjoy those years of love one last time before they go! Those 300 books I was saving for my grandchildren, and which I read to all 3 children: I am not at all sure if our grandchildren (when and if they come) will either be reading from a book at that point! The La-crosse gloves and sticks, roller blades all seem to be antique and definitely passe, and all of those wonderful exercise gadgets that we purchase in a moment of weakness late at night (did I purchase the bun and thigh reducer?), and then they arrive and sit, sit and sit. I think we get a little exercise opening the package and placing them to the side! Ha!

Years ago, when I mentioned I was the maid, a girlfriend knocked on the door on Mother’s Day, and gave me a full size cleaning lady! Very cute, and very funny…for 2 minutes. My ‘Molly’ has been gracing a guest bedroom in the rear of my home for the last 15 years scaring anyone who peeks in.

SO, before the snow comes, I decided to get rid of a ‘few’ items. I procrastinated, and procrastinated, and it seemed as if today was kismet when I saw a neighboring house hold a 2 day estate sale (my office had listed the property). Great! They advertised, and I will benefit! I posted signs on the main street, posted an ad on Craig’s List, and involved my two older sons. It became a wonderful family event, full of laughter, bonding, and fun! It made such a change from holding an open house, and in the interim, several people came by (neighbors) who were refinancing, complained about the ‘comps’ or who needed a contractor …. and I was there to offer my suggestions.

It was a great day to meet new neighbors, to be with my family (I am usually anywhere but home), and to get rid of books, toys, exercise equipment. But sadly, ‘Molly” is still with us… any takers?

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