Feedback is GREAT but we don’t always get it!

I have to admit that when I promise to offer forth reports at that listing presentation table, and promise and offer my marketing plan.. I follow through.. I pride myself on it… I might not be giving you good news, news you wish to hear, but it will be up to-date market analysis, and written from the heart, We are a partnership, and if I cannot be honest with you in representing you on one of your most precious commodities (apart from family) – your home… then what good am I?… I have to be honest.

My company sends out an email request for feedback… if it gets answered, I will forward that feedback – be it a good or bad answer, and sometimes I don’t get an email.. I will call an agent twice – but if I do not reach an agent at that point, I have to inform my clients that there was no interest…(accept it) . Sometimes, an agent will not submit feedback as they are holding a bid close to their chest, and then wish to present it… that has happened also….

However, when I send an email to my clients with the feedback from the agent that states “There is no interest from . “The house was not right for them. Thank you.” It is very hard to hear from the home-owners “Why didn’t they like it? what was wrong with it?” The home-owner has to realize that if there is no feedback, it was not right for their client, and they must also realize that an agent does not get paid to give feedback- they are simply being courteous… and as much as you would like them to critique each room, aspect of the house…. you have to accept what is given and move on.. and then if they do critique it, 9 times out of 10 – you will not agree with their thoughts…

Someone saw the house and liked it… but the wife did not wish to even see it… I only had communciation with the agent.. and she stated that she (the wife) would not even consider it… My owner keeps asking “Why, why” … There becomes a time when the home-owner must accept there was no interest, and just to move on…

It is great when an agent communicates, and writes a feedback… but they simply do not get paid for that time.. be thankful for those comments…they are FREE

Larchmont and New Rochelle are GREAT!

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