Bayberry, New Rochelle 10804

One of the first homes I visited when I first considered buying a home in New Rochelle was in the Bayberry area 10804, and I have regretted many times not purchasing there. Over the years, my children and I have made nice life-long friends there, and it has always been a great place for trick or treating (so much candy!)… I can recall many fun evenings traipsing around with my sons as guests of their Bayberry friends.

The Bayberry development was built in the mid 1950’s and you will find many ranches and splits, but something unique also happened. The home-owners loved living there so much that rather than selling in order to purchase a larger home perhaps, they would expand, raise, enlarge and in short, just wanted to stay in the area. Bayberry boasts a large community pool, tennis, snack bar and offers a summer camp for the little ones. My sons have attended many birthday parties and graduation parties at the Bayberry pool.

There is a Home-Owner’s Association and yearly dues, and should a buyer purchase a home within the community they should be aware that if the previous owner was not up to-date in paying their dues, then those (past) dues would then be the responsibility of the new home-owner. The Home-owner 2012 Dues are $600 and one would have to join the Association in order to join the pool. The Pool membership for 2012 is $850 per family. The summer camp costs are additional but have always offered great value.

I have seen in these past few years the occasional home knocked down, and the larger Colonial built, but that has been unusual. Home prices have ranged in a better market in the $7’s, $8’s and $9’s to home prices now being in the $5’s, $6’s and $7’s.

Bayberry is located off Pinebrook Boulevard, and typical street names are Woodcut Lane,  Bayberry Lane, Wood Hollow Lane, Meadowood Path, Highridge Road, and offers the William B. Ward Elementary School.

New Rochelle is GREAT!

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