Real Estate Market Report Six Months Ended 9/15/2013 Davis Elementary School, New Rochelle 10804 & 10538

Fall 2012 New RochelleThe Davis Elementary School is comprised of the area close to the Davis Elementary School,  Larchmont Woods , the Beechmont area, and parts of the Historic District too.

There are currently 37 Active Properties on the market ranging in price from $459,000 to $689,000 in the available properties priced up to $900,000.

davis 3 001There are 9 properties in Conditional Contract, 1  Pending , and 61 properties have sold in the past 6 months. The lowest sales price was $90,000 (Oh my!), the Median Sales price was $577,000 and the highest sales price was $878,000. The price per sold sq. ft. was $262.53. However, that is also based on those lower sales prices. Once again, if I were preparing a comparative market analysis, I would not only be looking to the same elementary school, but also neighboring streets and similar properties..  For example, if I were just to look to the homes in the close vicinity of the Davis Elementary School, then the price per sold square foot would be $297.18. Also, home in the Larchmont Woods area historically sell for more also due to their close proximity to Larchmont and its village and trains. If I were to look at price per sold square foot  for the Larchmont Woods and Beechmont area, then the sold price per square foot would be $319.36 .   There were 4 properties sold at list price, and 10 properties that sold over list price, a strong indication that the market rebounded this past spring. A great tme in which to list one’s home and to also buy – for the mortgage rates are still low.

For the same time period a year ago, there were 31 sold properties, with a low of $380,000, a Median sales price of $610,000, and High Sales price of $845,000. The sold price per square foot was $284. If I were to break it down to areas, the Davis School immediate area was $264.63, and the Larchmont Woods area was $314.66.

New Rochelle is Great!

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