The Beechmont Area , New Rochelle 10804


Beechmont Lake by Gay RosenJohn and Eugene Lambden planned the Beechmont area (Beechmont Woods) in 1902 for the City Realty Company. Beechmont Lake was created in 1902 by damming the Pine Brook, and borders the Eastern side of New Rochelle and Larchmont. Forest Knolls and Larchmont Woods are is to the Northeast of the Lake, Paine Heights and Forest Heights are to the North of Beechmont Lake. North Avenue is on the western boundary of the Beechmont area. In recent times, Iona College has purchased many homes in the Beechmont area close to the College, and are readily apparent by their maroon Iona color trim.

The Beechmont area has always been a prestigious area in which to live, and offers the George M. Davis Elementary School. Home prices can range anywhere from $600,000 (an unusual price) to the $2 Million range depending upon the condition and size. My last sale in that area brought forth multiple bids.

New Rochelle is GREAT!

About Gay E. Rosen

Gay E. Rosen is a Top Realtor in the Larchmont and New Rochelle (Lower Westchester) area. She is diligent, caring, driven and thorough (with a sense of humor).Utilize her expertise. Call her!
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