Paws Place and a Doggie Story…

I have written about Paws Place before. It is a  wonderful dog park located in New Rochelle’s Ward Acres. For just $50 a year, you can obtain a park pass, and entree to  a wonderful social event (for your pooch!)…

However, there is also a great plus. You can also share doggie stories, learn how to best to adapt to make sure your dog is the King/Queen of the home (of course),  and it is always a fun time.. There is also a smaller park area for the smaller pooches..

I popped over to the park yesterday. I HAD to!  I have been so busy in all matters real estate, and while I walk my dog 3 times a day, I also want him to have fun with other dogs. It had weighing on my mind and conscience the entire week, that I had not been to the park, and after an open house, off I went. He had fun. He always does, but I also heard a lovely little dog story that I must share.

A  lady was recalling a story. She said that years ago, people would let their dogs roam free (and that was how the dogs would attach the mailmen!) . One such dog who belonged to a store owner would accompany the local postal worker and follow him on his mail delivery area. The dog would walk along with him, and then the mail carrier, after finishing his delivery route,  would then place the dog in his car, and drive him back to the store. SO, one day, the mail carrier was going on vacation, and he told his vacation replacement to expect and look out for the special pooch who would be accompanying him , and told him to let him go with him, and then return him to the store after he finished his deliveries. The mailman returned from vacation, and the part time worker exclaimed  “that dog is unbelievable! He showed me all of the short cuts and made my deliveries that much quicker!”

It was such a lovely story, and I had to share…  but going to the dog park is sharing too.. we all care, and that is New Rochelle!

New Rochelle is great!


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