The Lost Sock!

SO funny. I went to access our dryer, and of course saw a load of dried underwear that my son had yet to empty. Of course, being the good mom, I promptly started to match each sock with another, and it brought me back to my youth, and my children’s younger days also. Remember playing the animal match cards, or letter cards… it was so much fun and such a good way in which to learn the names of animals, the alphabet, numbers, etc.  Accordingly,  matching socks can be fun too. It can be described as  (mindless) therapy for the mind but a sense of accomplishment and fun. It could be accomplished with your child to see who matches the most pairs. It is great for the fingers and dexterity, and games are always fun – especially on these cold, dreary days of winter. There were only 3 lost socks this morning too!  Where do they go to?

I think it is always nice to make fun out of nonsense  – it breaks the monotony, and keeps one’s sense of humor alive.

Years ago, after my children had gone through a bout of the flu, I decided to pitch a tent in the kitchen, and have a picnic on the floor… No one had to dress up for the occasion (pajamas were the clothes of choice) , but we just sat and ate, having good clean fun – breaking the monotony and feeling good about ones self after being ill. We used to play marbles on the kitchen floor after dinner too –  or (and don’t tell dad) throwing balls of paper into the garbage pail – three tries each and no do overs! I would  tape brown paper wrapping paper on the walls for a Birthday party, and then allow the children to write on the walls in between the activities! They loved it! 

It is always important to feel good about your self. Making lists can be one way, as you check off daily your accomplishments.   Whenever I feel overwhelmed by the amount of tasks I must perform,  I compile my list. I love to froth milk for my coffee. I feel it is a hedonistic treat (hay – I did say mindless thoughts here)…  But who has the time to do that something extra?  That is my point,  when you find someone who will do that little bit extra, who tries to make it fun for you. Then he or she is keeper!

As a Realtor, I endeavor to make the experience a fun one. It is always my pleasure to  send you stats on the market , entertain your children while you we are looking at a home, researching the homes that fit your requirements. … It really costs nothing, and always my pleasure.

I do not promise a picnic on the floor, but I do promise hard work and dedication and try to make it ‘a day at the park’!

Westchester is GREAT!

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