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When Lori and Michael first purchased their home  at 22 Argyll Avenue back in 2004,  Lori was seven months pregnant, and they did not know anyone in the area. They were excited to have purchased their first home, and were absolutely thrilled when the sellers of that home offered them furniture they didn’t require. They felt welcomed. Even more so when all of the neighbors brought over baby gifts when Lori’s son was born.  They always knew that New Rochelle was the city in which they wanted to raise their children, attend the award winning schools, but they had no idea that they would be welcomed into a ‘community’. 

The neighbors were great, and told them both that if they ever needed any help, any help at all – to just call! Well, wouldn’t you know that in October of that year, Michael had just boarded a plane, cell phones about to be turned off, and Lori called  – worried for the baby saying ‘we have no heat!’ The only thing Michael could think to say was – call the neighbors, and that is what Lori did.  One of the neighbors came over, stayed over 2 hours waiting for the repairman, taking notes when he did so he could later tell Michael how the heating system worked,  and once again, Lori and Michael knew that this was a special street, not only a special home.

Over the years, the neighbors have become great friends, looking out for everyone, helping each other, and Lori and Michael even witnessed the signing of their neighbor’s will !

The neighbors are all now sorry to hear that Lori and Michael are selling their home at 22 Argyll Avenue, and it is with mixed emotions that Lori and Michael are leaving. They love their home, their street, their friends, but it is time to leave.  This past week, Lori was one of this year’s Honorees at the Guidance Center of Westchester Annual Gala.  They were thrilled when 6 of their neighbors attended the Gala in her honor.

Lori and Michael  love the proximity to the high school which is perfect for those after school activities, for sports programs, no bus ride necessary (and so a later departure time from home!),  and also offers the only Planetarium in Westchester,  The Museum of Arts and Culture   (which is the only Regents-chartered museum in a school in the State of New York),  and the PAVE Program (Performing and Visual Arts Education).

Since New Rochelle is a city,  the high school offers many college based programs, and  each year the graduating students attend the best colleges and universities in the country.

As CBS News just reported on May 1st,  New Rochelle has at least one student headed to each Ivy League College. No surprise to me or other New Rochelle residents. New Rochelle is great! Just ask Lori and Michael and/or their neighbors.

Come and visit. You will be welcomed, and you will love it!

New Rochelle is GREAT!

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