Dear Mr. & Mrs. Seller – You had 2000 Visitors this month!

29 Malysana Lane29 Malysana LaneI think a key component that some of us forget, that with the importance of the internet, the very first visit to your listing is via the internet. Potential buyers and agents will look at the details of course, and the PHOTOS. If they like what they see, they will look further – perhaps look at the tour, listen to the narration if you have one….seek out the listing on Youtube….. and then they make the appointment. I live in New Rochelle, just 30 mins from NYC and I try to attract buyers from the city..I have 2 websites, and I am able to see at a glance exactly how many visitors my clients have had for their homes.. is able to depict the vistis in a graph which is great, as you can see when it is a holiday weekend, how the ‘visits’ decline.. and it is a great barometer as to what is happening in the world too and the pulse of the market place…I email it my clients each week -or drop it off as the case may be, but it is just another way of demonstrating to my clients…. that while they might not have had too many appointments, there were X amount of ‘unique’ visitors to the house via the internet… and perhaps we should address a possible price adjustment. I am seeing that more and more buyers are WAITING for the prices to come down, and other agents might say that the market is ‘dead’ there are no buyers, but I can see it differently from the website visitors. I KNOW they are ‘out there’ but they are waiting for the price to reach their comfort level. With the website vistor info, I can clearly show my sellers that what I am saying is fact.

I have sold several properties, only to learn after the fact that someone was upset it had sold – because they had been ‘watching’ it on the internet…. “Why didn’t you come and place bid I would ask” Well, I was waiting for it to come down….. Their logic amazes me for as I write in my newsletters, if YOU are waiting for the price to come down, so are 10 other people, and once your perfect home reaches its perfect price, that is when you have multiple biddiing,. and you end up paying much, much more. It is better to step forward, perhaps pay a few thousand more than you would like, but you end up with the house of your dreams. I can also mention to my sellers too that when I see a certain amount of people ‘circling’ it is a good time to have a price adjustment, so we can tempt them through the door… It WORKS!

A key component to this blog is the PHOTO aspect… If the photos are awful… you only get a first page click, and you can clearly see that by how long someone stays on the listing. To that regard, since our first visitors are on the internet – which is what I always tell my sellers, I always like to use a professional photographer.. He/she can take the best angles, utilize the best lighting….. Our goal is to draw as many people as we can to the house, so we can SELL them the house, but if the photos aren’t nice.. then they move on…. New Rochelle is GREAT!

New Rochelle is GREAT!

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Gay E. Rosen is a Top Realtor in the Larchmont and New Rochelle (Lower Westchester) area. She is diligent, caring, driven and thorough (with a sense of humor).Utilize her expertise. Call her!
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