Thanking those who Assist at City Hall on the Holidays!

I am sure that each year, the various offices have collections for the staff in appreciation for all of their hard work but do we sometimes forget the others who surround us to make our lives more productive? I do not mean tipping the meter maid (ha!) – she is vigilant here in Larchmont…..and we all cringe when we hear the words ‘she is marking the cars..’ (she marks the tires and after 2 hours – a nice $25 ticket awaits you if your car is still there!). I am thinking of those people who we might take for granted, and yet we constantly need their assistance.

Each year, I like to drop off a bottle of something to the hardworking people at the tax assessment office. Yes! Them! Our city allows us to go online for property information (now) which is great, but when we check our square footage, we have to go in person to the Assessment office. The people there are helpful, nice people, always willing to help and assist. It might be their job, but imagine working through numbers, and you get multiple interruptions from people wanting this or that info. I would like to think that a bottle of something once a year is a small payment for such great service. I also like to thank the people in our building department…. How many times do we have to pop in there for last minute, important info to help further a transaction? Once again, a bottle of bubbly or even a box of chocolates is small recompense for such an integral part of our job.

I see how some agents are within my office – thinking that every small thing the staff does is their right, as they bark out their commands. One staff member goes in an hour earlier each day just so she has the peace and quiet to concentrate on her work without fear of interruption…. I then imagine these same agents going to the various city departments in the various boroughs.. spreading their ‘cheer’ amongst people who might have a soured opinion on realtors to begin with… I would like to think that in giving a little something to those we encounter on a daily basis only helps promote us as Realtors in general, and hopefully brings a little smile too.

Happy Holidays!

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