Size Always Matters – but so does Price!

I was contacted by a family this past week, wanting to meet with me..their home is currently on the market at a high price, and wanting their home to be listed by another agent at a still high price, but one who will market appropriately……., and befitting their home… It is a large home…. Okay… As it so happens, I had shown this home on several occasions, but on each occasion, my customers were not interested for several reasons… The house was messy, the kitchen and bathrooms are older, and it was priced too high with high taxes… plus it was adjacent to a very busy road….

Okay, now to the appointment. I gently explained the comparative sales… and how their home compared…. How can you compare a brand new beautiful home that sold in the $9’s with a much older home, in poorer condition that is listed some $200,000 more.. ? I gently explained that while I would do this, that and the other…mostly the other, we would still need to adjust the price…. and my key question always… if I brought forth a bid for X amount, would you accept it… The answer is always a shrinking of the body…. and ‘perhaps not..’ That is how I know whether to accept a a listing or not..

I love listings, but I would also like to sell them… and if a home-owner is unrealistic about price to being with… before I spend my money on professional photography and marketing tools…… Best to know now… I will give my heart to sell your home…but it is a two way street. .A similar story as before but so many similar stories….

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  1. Gay – You are so right. Usually, the key to the sale is the right price given the location and conditon. It’s the market that determines the price, not the real estate agent and not the homeowner.


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