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New Rochelle High School Located so close to New York City, and just 30 minutes away by train, New Rochelle or “the Queen City of the Sound”  was a safe haven for the French Huguenots  (French Protestants) fleeing persecution in France in the 1600’s,  who arrived here in 1688 through to around 1760,  and the names of many local residents still bear the names of those original settlers. Many of whom were artisans and craftsmen, and our street names are representative of those original settlers, Fanueil, SlocumSicard, and Flandreau to name a few. 

 While a city of over  77,000, I would like to feel that there is still a ‘small town’ ‘neighborly’ accent with many cultural and neighborhood organizations melding together to make our city even greater. We have a dog park for Fido,  and  the New Rochelle Humane Society actually serves 19 communities,  is a no-kill shelter, and with no federal funding, fund raising and donations  represents 50% of its much needed funds. In 2013, the New Ro Runners held its first North Avenue Mile. The motto on the back of their shirts read “Changing the shape of the community one mile at a time.”

  French was spoken in the original New Rochelle, and many area residents would send their children to the schools in New Rochelle to learn the French language . The same could be said today! There is a dual language program at our Jefferson Elementary (a magnet school)  where students can learn either Italian or Spanish. Mandarin Chinese is also  being taught in the Davis, Ward, Jefferson & Webster Elementary Schools.   The New Rochelle High School with over 3300 students is not only the largest high school in Westchester but it is the only high school that features a planetarium.

  New Rochelle was an artist’s colony in the 1920’s. Norman Rockwell moved to New Rochelle in 1913,  and resided  in a few homes in New Rochelle including a beautiful home  on Lord Kitchener Road which featured amongst other features, a great balcony overlooking a drawing/reception room. There were so many famous artists and artisans living in New Rochelle, that their artistry was represented on 10 Historic Signs in New Rochelle, and designed by Norman Rockwell, Frederic Dana Marsh, Robert Robertson, Cole Phillips, Remington Schuyler, Edward Penfield,  Lawrence M. Loeb, Clare Briggs,  James Marsh and Robert Robertson. While created in the 1920’s as a New Rochelle Art Association project, the signs were restored just a few years ago.  New Rochelle with its cartoonists, actors, musicians,  illustrators and artists was known in the 20’s as “Greenwich Village without the Greenwich.” New Rochelle offers a thriving artist’s community still with many art galleries gracing our downtown. Did you know that Alan Menken grew up in new Rochelle as did so many other famous people.

  New Rochelle is diverse, and proud of it. There are 5 Elementary schools, 2 Middle schools, and one High School, over forty Houses of Worship, the  Iona College by Gay RosenMontefiore Health System ( formerly the Sound Shore Medical Center with over 460 beds and approximately 600 physicians, 3 colleges (Iona College, The College of New Rochelle and  Monroe College ).

   “The Queen City of the Sound” is the epitome of the Sound.  There are 5 Beach Clubs  (Beckwith Pointe, The VIP Club, The Surf Club, The Davenport Cub, The Greentree Club) , where you can enjoy swimming, tennis, basketball, paddleball and always a favorite for parties, weddings and special gatherings with their dramatic and spectacular water views.

  DAVIDS iSLANDDid you know that Davids Island was the site used to train Union soldiers in the Civil war,  and then used to house wounded soldiers, first Union soldiers and then Confederate soldiers? However, the island was also inhabited by Native American hunter gatherers  over 4000 years ago.

Sports. New Rochelle is proud to hold many records in sports. Most recently, the New Rochelle High School Varsity Football Team and 2012 State Champions,  the Remington Fliers who under the mentorship and guidance of Walter Brown produce winning results each year. The city offers hockey, soccer, baseball, softball, Lacrosse, tennis, rowing, and so much more.

Baseball    Youth Baseball of New Rochelle

Rising Star Baseball Camp  – Youth Tackle League of New Rochelle     New Rochelle Lightning Hockey Club     Remington Fliers Running Club New Rochelle Tennis Club      New Rochelle Racquet Club     New Rochelle Tennis Cards

photo1 Coach Gurney


  Parks. We have so many! We also have a Community Garden that is available as well as Paw’s Place for Fido..P1190141


  1.  New Rochelle has great restaurants also.  Our downtown offers so many different ethnic restaurants… a treat for all


Government:   City of New Rochelle  –  Our Community

Parks & Recreation        Dog Licenses     Application Form    Permits & Licenses

Tax Grievances –  June  1st each year to the third Tuesday..

STAR Program  May 1st of each year.

Mortgage Brokers: 

    • Patricia Madison  NMLS#162252  917-559-3659 (Cell, Office  914-500-6099 Ext. 35468
    • Website:
  •        Luxury Mortgage, NMLS# 309326 914-298-3217 Phone, Cell – 914 – 413-6782
  •       Pat Ciulla – Wells Fargo – 914-774-2010 Cel

NEW Rochelle is GREAT!



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