Historic New Rochelle – Carrie (Lane) Chapman Catt

photo by Gay RosenBeing a Brit, I love history. Living in New Rochelle, I am surrounded by it! Carrie (Lane) Chapman Catt once resided on my street, and there is marker on the property. Who was Ms. Chapman Catt?

Carrie Chapman Catt 1859-1947  worked industriously as a school teacher to offset her college costs (which her father did not assist with), graduated from college and became a High School Principal one year later. She  joined the Women’s Suffrage Movement, and took it over the  in 1900. Ms. Chapman Catt and came up with what was known as the “Winning Plan” that helped pass the 19th Amendment in 1920.  “Catt told NAWSA (National Association of League of Women’s Voters) members that they had to focus on solely on the issue of suffrage and the passage of a federal amendment. So sure that women would get the right to vote, she helped establish the League of Women Voters to encourage women to use their hard-won right in 1920 before the amendment was passed.”

In 1923, she published Woman Suffrage and Politics: The Inner Story of the Suffrage Movement. Ms. Chapman Catt died in New Rochelle in 1947 of heart failure.

New Rochelle is GREAT!

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