January 2015 Sound Shore Newsletter by Gay Rosen

JuliaBFee_HorzT January 2015  Sound Shore Newsletter by

Gay Rosen

As I reflect on 2014, I would describe it as being a year of positive Private_beachchange in the real estate market. Home prices were up, even if the number of sales were down, with prices in some areas  such as in Larchmont at 2004 prices and cities across the country ( Case-Shiller Home Price Indices) . Mortgage rates were low, and are still very low, and I am hearing they will remain so for at least the next 6 months so still a great time in which to purchase a home.

Brad Whitman, Founding Partner of Renovus Capital  quotes “The U.S. enters 2015 coming off of the strongest GDP growth numbers in more than a decade.  With the recent decline in oil prices easing inflationary concerns, interest rates are expected to remain low by historical standards.  Both factors suggest a strong housing market for 2015.”

More agents are utilizing Stagers, professional photography are used by every good agent  (with drones being put on hold for privacy issues),  but aerial photography is increasing, sunset photos too (although agents must be careful not to give that haunted house feel. An associate of mine was actually contacted by a representative of Stephen King wishing to use the house.. Perhaps it was a joke, but some homes if not well lit at dusk can look quite scary!)  I am seeing so many commercials being filmed in New Rochelle, a long time favorite of movie companies and advertising agencies alike due to the close proximity to New York City.. I saw a great Xmas commercial being filmed a few months ago.. It was 70 degrees and October  but they  covered the house in fake snow!

DocUSign  has never been more popular and ever evolving and so many people are now utilizing this great product. 2014 also brought increased safety concerns, and new safety measures for Realtors with open house visitors being requested to show Driver’s Licenses before entry… and when you consider the fact that agents are inviting them into a home under their watch – why not?

S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Indices

Larchmont and New Rochelle News   –  my blog site!

The Shore Report 2014 Long Island Sound…News Report Channel 6

Real Estate is ALWAYS  local.. so, while it is great to read the country’s stats as a whole, and be cognizant of what is happening worldwide,  it will always trickle down to our local sales, and so that is always the definitive marker.

Here is wishing everyone a very productive 2015!

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This time last year, the mortgage rates for a 30 Year Fixed loan were around 4.35% . Right now, Bankrate is posting 3.88% for a 30 Year Fixed Loan… so a GREAT in which to purchase a home.

Jim Van Slyck, Home Lending Officer for Citibank, N.A. Phone: (914) 224-6343 EFax: (844) 619-2295, jim.vanslyck@citi.com, NMLS ID: 685470 has a great quarterly newsletter   great tips for all within! The Julia B. Fee Sotheby’s International Realty  Market Review can be read in full also.. Julia B Fee Larchmont 3                       Julia B Fee 8                       Julia B Fee New Rochelle   Julia B Fee 6

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