The Larchmont Farmer’s Market

Per the site, the “Down to Earth” Larchmont Farmer’s Market is open from April 22nd to December 16 – 8:30 am to 1 p.m., and it is a great place to visit but please bring cash! SO many times I go just to purpose one item, and then I see so many wonderful items to buy. My sons love the Chinese chicken Dumplings ( just $10 for a dozen), and a friend told me to purchase the  blood orange infused olive oil … Oh my goodness! Nectar!  I bought the Moroccan Olive bread and dipped it into the olive oil, and I was in heaven!  Pickles are always on my list.. so fresh and so reasonably priced at $12 a quart for regular pickles.

I am usually working every day, and so when I go, I truly appreciate the treat it is and what it has to offer. Today I purchased the fresh beets, and made a beet and onion salad with a little cumin, oil and vinegar, salt and pepper.. great.. simple and healthy.. perhaps with grilled fish later or with some grilled chicken .. I also saw some really fresh rhubarb and being a Brit, I HAD to purchase a few pounds.. SO, tonight for dessert we will be having a rhubarb crumb (so easy with quick cooking oats, some sugar , flour and a pinch of salt (a little butter but do not tell anyone) with the cooked rhubarb (not too much sugar!)   over vanilla ice cream…

I bought some jams for a little thank you gift (can you imagine how great a Pina Colada jam and a Blood Orange Fig Jam will taste!  -all made at  The Coyote Kitchen) , and had trouble carrying it all to the car! So much for just buying pickles! 

Call me silly, but I also love to see people’s smiling faces, happy faces, happy pets, happy children -happy people..  The Farmer’s market, a nice place to visit.

Larchmont is GREAT!

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