Michele Fox – A Realtor and so much more!

I work in a  wonderful office, with so many talented associates, not only in real estate (and our stats speak for themselves), but in so many other areas be it working in a soup kitchen (Chip Gedney  who makes GREAT pickles), working on the Board of a Soup Kitchen raising  necessary funds (Ali Greene), working on a local level  regarding tax grievance (Cary Sleeper)Penny Weiner who transitions homes room by room, Adam Cherko who teaches line dancing in Bronxville!,  Paul McCarthy whose wife has a wonderful estate sales company- Finders Keepers, Martha Rubio who is a  fantastic Baker and did I mention  our fantastic mountain climber and hiker Lee McTeigue !  I would be SO remiss if I didn’t mention our wonderful Manager, Carolyn Fugere, who was the  President of the Larchmont Chamber of Commerce and so very instrumental in helping to build and promote our local businesses;  our receptionist ( Diana Lee Angstadt also has a photography business, and is always sharing her beautiful artwork, and then there is Michele Fox!

Michele is a phenomenal artist (and REALTOR!) . I first became aware of her artwork when she was selling her beautiful home in Larchmont, and I  couldn’t help but notice the artwork that adorned her walls and complimented her home so well. Michele was an art major in school, and  continued in her studies at the Silvermine Art Center In Connecticut. Michele has been painting for many years, and finally,  after many requests, she started selling her artwork about 10 years ago. Carlos of Palmer Art Supply  has been featuring Michele’s artwork in his store for sale over the years, and there are still some pieces available right now!

Michele has also sold artwork in Rhode Island, and her favorite medium is oil. She has been exploring a new technique which incorporates layering giving an atmospheric look. Michele’s focus is landscapes, and she endeavors to reflect the stillness, and the endless possibilities of each day in her artwork.

There will be a web site on the horizon, and I for one cannot wait to see it!

There is still time to purchase before the Holidays!

We are a team in the Larchmont  Julia B. Fee Sotheby’s office , and here for all of your real estate needs.

Larchmont is GREAT!  Julia B. Fee Sotheby’s is GREAT!


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