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THE MIRAGE RESTAURANT AND CAFE…A New Rochelle Culinary Hot spot!

Photo courtesy of Chef Alban

It’s Winter in New York…and I’m thrilled and delighted to let my readers know of a blockbuster way to heat up your palate. There are lots of restaurants in Westchester County; but my friends at New Rochelle’s The Mirage Restaurant And Cafe, located  conveniently across the street from outstanding Iona College, feature a food lovers dream come true! You will recall the fabled and very popular Mirage Diner of years gone by in the same location.

At the spectacular Mirage, you and your family will cherish the restaurants’ hands on and conscientious approach to all things culinary.  At The Mirage, owner Ari, General Manager Alban and group manager, Laura, really do take food quite seriously, and it shows. From my favorite tomato bisque to heavenly and succulent dishes such as many of their homemade salads, char grilled burgers, panini melts, chicken parmesan, and pasta dishes including fettuccine alfredo and penne a la vodka. The Mirage Restaurant and cafe also prides itself on serving only wholesome and natural ingredients, and they don’t use any trans fat products. Their menu is also very kids friendly and perfect for families of all ages.
This Winter, the wonderful folks at The Mirage Restaurant and Cafe welcome you to dine like you’ve never dined. A relaxed and modern ambiance awaits your discerning taste buds as you bask in their world class fare. While your at The Mirage, be sure to enjoy and check out their fully stocked market and bakery. The Mirage Restaurant and Cafe serves an opulent and pleasing breakfast, lunch and dinner that you will come back for time and time again. According to General Manager Alban at The Mirage, the restaurant has many loyal supporters and customers who dine there frequently; such as the real estate agent who comes in three times per week and loves the delectable shrimp. And then there is the Iona College student who visits The Mirage four times a week for the ravishing Paninis.
The management invites you to visit their two astonishing Stamford, CT restaurants, The Stillery and The Stamford, for more exquisite food!  The Mirage Restaurant and Cafe…your official Winter haven for fresh and impeccable food by friendly and wonderful people!
Photos Courtesy Of Alban At The Mirage.
LA GRAVINISE JEWELERS…Shining On For Four Generations!
You don’t hear about historic and wonderful stories such as this too often. But, in quaint and charming Pelham, NY, there is a timeless and heralded family-owned business that has been serving Westchester County and beyond for an astonishing 102 years! Back then, the dollar went a whole lot further. Americans were sporting their model T cars as they drove to silent movies. There was no NFL. Woodrow Wilson was president. New inventions like the toaster and zippers came out.
 But some things have remained the same. For four proud generations, the legendary La Gravinese family has been the preeminent source for all your high-end and priceless jewelry needs. The time honored family legacy began in the early 1900’s, when Dominick La Gravinise was born in Italy. As the fabled story goes, he came to America as a child and thus the illustrious family tradition was founded in 1917. The amazing La Gravinese family has been conveniently located at their headquarters in Pelham for fifty-four fruitful and successful years. Bob and his daughter Jeanette, graduate gemologist, and grandchildren Dominique and Maxine are the trusted home for the very finest jewelry.
The La Gravinese family pride themselves on being able to find or create that special piece of unique jewelry for you or your loved one. They are the experts in the field and their picturesque store is a jewelry connoisseurs utopia. La Gravinese Jewelers is the only place to shop for that special occasion; whether it’s a birthday, wedding band, anniversary or just something very special your treasured someone. Come and see for yourself their fine selections of necklaces, watches, diamonds, and much more. The store even features a watch setter and diamond specialist on premise. Now, for over 100 years, LaGravinese has been the jewelry store of choice when it has to be tasteful, elegant and classy. Visit them soon and often in their Pelham headquarters at 99 Fifth Avenue. Or call 914 738 0263. Their great website is www.lagravinisejewelers.com
Generation after generation, The remarkable La Gravinise story goes on! A time honored tradition…

PHOTOS Courtesy of Clare Lawrence
10538 BICYCLES…Are You Ready To Ride?
Ah…the glory days of youth! Frolicking at the beach, your graduation from school…and your first bicycle. Milestones for sure and good memories.  Now there is a bicycle store in Larchmont that caters to riders of all ages and featuring only the most cutting edge and finest bikes. Do you remember the exhilaration of wind blowing in your face and that first feeling of independence and accomplishment from learning how to ride a bicycle? And as an adult, still the same sense of freedom and an enjoyable way to stay fit and healthy!
The only address you’ll need when it comes to great bicycles is 10538. Indeed, at 10538 Bicycles at 146 Larchmont Ave, in the heart of Larchmont NY, is a very special and unique store which caters to riders of literally all ages. Come and see what young and older riders are raving about in this 1200 square foot bicycle paradise.
Owners Joelle Litzky and Andrew Kelly have a combined 55 yrs of bike industry knowledge. They will help you choose the perfect bike and fit for you. From teenager favorites MOUNTAIN and GIANT brands to hybrid and road bikes, it’s all here at 10538 Bicycles.
In this day and age,  most people have a bike but this is the only place to come. Cities are also choosing to have more bike lanes and encourage people to ride bikes to cut down on air pollution. 10538 bicycles also sells accessories to help in the enjoyment and safety of riding a bicycle. As owner Andrew Kelly reminds us, helmets only work when you wear them. At 10538 Bicycles, they have the heart and experience to serve this communities needs. They even offer free tune up repairs for bicycles purchased here for as long as you own them. They also pride themselves on their community oriented spirit, welcoming kids to come after school to spend time and hang out in the bike store. Also offering special training if needed by a  local Westchester native,  Jeff Schaffer (known as “The Chief Pedal Officer” ) who will assist in helping your child to get started on the road to independence! 10538 Bicycles. 914 315 1009. Visit their cool website today at www.10538bicycles.com.
Now get ready to ride!
Photos by Clare Lawrence.
SUR LA TABLE: Our NYC Cooking Class!
I was always fascinated with the precision and art of cooking. I remember being in awe of my deft parents as they prepared a homemade meal in our spacious New Rochelle kitchen.  Recently, a few months ago, my ingenious mother had the clever and fun idea to have us take a state-of-art two hour cooking class at legendary and well known Sur La Table in Manhattan along with approximately fifteen other culinary inclined aficionados.
On our feet most of the time,  we rolled up our sleeves, put our aprons on and began our pizza making journey. The small class enabled us to receive personal attention, yet the independence to maneuver around the Sur La Table Kitchen in groups of four. Mom and I had a delightful time kneading the pizza dough and mixing the savory ingredients to add to our creation. Each team of four made three pizzas each; ours were temptingly delicious potato and cheese pizza, margarita pizza and a sausage pie to salivate the taste buds. After chopping more ingredients in the bowl and blender, we were then ready to make our official pizzas.
Each person in our team of four had a unique responsibility; mine was cooking the sausage in a skillet over an open flame stove. There is something very therapeutic to handling food and cooking indeed. Once we were done with all the preparing, the coveted Sur La Table oven was ours. The three pizzas were now ready to bake and our fine Italian fare would be ready to eat and savor soon.
After roughly fourteen minutes, our creations had come to fruition. To the amazement of our cooking team, our efforts had turned out remarkably and the three pizzas tasted impeccable and mouthwatering! So, our Manhattan cooking experience was a sheer culinary bonanza that I highly recommend.  Sur La Table first began these ingenuous in store hands on cooking programs in the mid 1990s and they are now the United States biggest of their kind. I strongly recommend you and your family put the apron on and attend one near you. For more great information, please go to www.surlatable.com. Now let’s get ready to eat!
Photos by Clare Lawrence
Until next time!
Matthew Thayer O’Shaunnessy
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