Ground Hog Day revisited…

Oh my goodness!

George the ground hog eating some peaches..

The ground hogs seem to love New Rochelle. I can’t say it is just my garden for as I drive around, I do see (perhaps they are extended families) around the neighborhood. They are brazen, smart, strong, and tenacious! They love fruit, flowers, and they will dig out the termite bait traps, move rocks, gravel and I am just being polite!

One such ground hog decided to burrow adjacent to my garage. I will call him Ringo.  He dug a huge hole, and every day, my little pooch would make a beeline to that hole to see if the ground hog was home.

I tried placing rocks in the hole, and they would be moved.  I tried hosing  water into the hole. He laughed at me! I even bought a huge container of “Repel – guaranteed to scare away wildlife’. Ha!

Since I was afraid Ringo would be burrowing under my garage, I decided to call a wild life chap to help me relocate him. The cost was expensive ($700) , and the company set two traps (I have a few holes around my garden) for a period of 7 days.  After 5 days, we caught one ground hog – Ringo – the one by the garage, and he  was taken away to live happily ever after somewhere else..

The very next day after that 7 day period,  we saw THREE ground hogs eating in the garden! We had to laugh! Perhaps they were waiting for the trap to disappear so they could go out to feast and feast they did!

THREE!  George, Paul and John! I have since filled two holes with rocks, gravel, soil..  I dont know if there is a moral to this story other than to perhaps fill the holes yourself, and perhaps buy the traps yourself as it would be cheaper….. but you would still have to relocate the animals elsewhere and be in close proximity to them when you relocate them…

Life is always interesting living in the suburbs!

New Rochelle is GREAT!



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