So many wonderful Slate Roofs!

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Being in real estate, I cant help but notice the so many beautiful roofs as I drive around.  Slate, asphalt, tile, and  so many different styles. I recently saw a very pretty patterned slate roof with pink, grey, slates in so many different hues, and I was prompted to look up slate roofs in general. There is a slate roof association, and you can find some fantastic information on their site. You can purchase graduated slate roofs in size, thickness, design and the choices are never ending.

There is also ‘Enviroslate” which looks like slate and less expensive to install.

One obvious question is :

Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay

What is the life span of a slate roof?

  • Slate Roof Lifespan. Natural slate roofs are well known to have a lifespan of hundreds of years with little to no maintenance.

Many buyers are dismayed when they a slate roof, thinking it needs to be replaced after X amount of years but in having a slate roof myself, I would suggest that the roof  just be inspected yearly, and  to replace any cracked or missing slates which can happen after a storm or  a winter season.  I also had my roof washed by a very reputable roofer – Kael Roofing a few years back. Over the years,  the  roof had become discolored by nearby trees, and Kael Roofing made the roof look great!  Using a good roofing company is important, and as long as you keep it maintained,  you can enjoy it for many years!
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