With the wonderful spring weather, I am seeing more and more athletes out on the fields preparing (and so enjoying) sports once again. When my children (3 sons) were young, we looked forward to each sport, each season with so much enthusiasm and ‘NO!” we were never one of ‘those’ parents who shouted at the coaches and caused havoc! I have to admit though, we did enjoy some of the antics of the other parents. Truly lovely people in private, but who turned into monsters on the field. So many memories! I can recall having dinner plans with one couple for that same S evening, and on the baseball field earlier in the day, the father was calling out to his son who was pitching to my son , A.J., “no hitter here, no hitter ..’ Ha! Another time, there was a special baseball game, and one of the coaches had a son’s Birthday party. He went to the field and yanked the boys from the field and took them to the party! Oh my! Different times. My husband was a coach for quite a few years, and I was also for one year ( didn’t know anything about baseball but I would bring the equipment and make the calls!) . Proud to say we still won the championship despite my being on the team!

When my youngest son, Brett, finished high school, and then went on to college and played baseball there, some of the parents would always ask after him, as he was their last contact with sports with their sons no longer playing. Watching sports being played was so enjoyable and fun to so many parents. In our case, my youngest son played baseball for college, and then Great Britain, then played baseball in Germany, Australia and lastly Sweden so up to a year ago we were still able to still see him play to some extent if only on the internet!

my son Brett is the catcher in this photo

However, we all owe it to the wonderful sports programs that New Rochelle has to offer. I can recall driving my sons to 6 different sports programs one season alone ( hockey, soccer, different baseball leagues, and football). There was always a ‘South end and North end” baseball league in New Rochelle. We signed up our youngest son in both and there never seemed to be a conflict but he was able to play twice as much which worked for us. He then would play on travel teams, District teams, etc. I would recommend to anyone interested in sports to try and do the same.

If you are thinking of signing up for sports programs, here are some links :    soccer    summer baseball and baseball coaching off season (my son Brett is working as a coach   summer baseball camp     baseball     baseball

Embrace the season. They pass so quickly!

Westchester is great!

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