Happy Easter!

Growing up in England – I LOVED Easter…. I didn’t always go to church, but I looked forward to all of the different chocolate eggs I would receive from all of my relations.. Cadbury’s had a great chocolate egg, and I loved receiving a large egg filled with Cadbury’s chocolates…. Nestle, Milky Bar, Smarties, I loved them all!

Why an Easter Egg?

Eggs were forbidden during Lent, and people would decorate the eggs, and celebrate them 40 days thereafter. They symbolized life, immortality, rejuvenation, and there were many festivals celebrating springtime, and what the egg symbolized to them. Intricate designs on the eggs have always been a favorite in Slavic countries, and eggs are entwined in breads, and some cultures will have ‘XV’ on the eggs symbolizing that “Christ has Risen.” The Russian Royal family, took it one step further with the gorgeous bejeweled Faberge Eggs. To me though, it was an occasion of family getting together, enjoying each other’s company, and deciding which yummy Chocolate egg to eat first!

Happy Easter!

New Rochelle is GREAT!

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