Yankees Father’s Day Story – New Rochelle Style!

I am sure it is the same everywhere, but Mother’s Day is always very special in my area.. The day is set aside to keep mom, grand mom, nan, mom’s to be, bride’s to be all happy. It would be almost sacrilegious to play a baseball game on Mother’s Day… and was always frowned upon and a poll taken between parents when my sons were much younger. Father’s Day on the other hand, was – well – Father’s Day, and many a time, we would be watching baseball playoffs with the little ones on a Father’s Day morn… Our local Baseball league would hold a baseball awards breakfast a few times on Father’s Day too.. Since Robert Merrill, the opera singer and who used to sing the National Anthem at all of the Opening Day Yankees home games, lived in New Rochelle, I thought it would be a great idea to invite him to the baseball breakfast one year. I thought it would draw more parents, make some money for the league, and what a thrill for all! SO, I wrote a note to him, inviting him to sing the National Anthem at our breakfast, giving our home phone number.

I came home a few days later, and my son oldest son who must have been around 12 said “Mom, some old man called with the name of Merrill – he thanked you but he can’t make the breakfast!”

I laughed, as my son had no clue who he was. Oh well. the thought was there! As an aside, after Mr. Merrill had passed away in 2004 at the age of 85, his home was sold for $1,375.000 in 2010…

Happy Father’s Day! New Rochelle is GREAT!

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