Woodbury Common – $400,000 in ONE Day!

I was quite remiss yesterday (not!), and actually took a day off going to Woodbury Common in Central Valley, New York (about 45 minutes by car from New Rochelle). For those who are not familiar with this particular Premium Outlet Shopping Center, it boasts (right now) approximately 220 outlet stores, from the really high end designers to the lesser brands. I am always amazed at the turnover in shops. I was disappointed to see that the Pottery Barn and Williams Sonoma are no more, but there always seems to be another store wishing to enter the fray.

It used to be that if you didn’t arrive there by a certain time, parking was nigh impossible, but on a Labor Day weekend, my husband and I arrived there at around 8:50 am.. and the shops opened at 9 am. Perfect! We did not witness any crowds until we were leaving around 1 p.m. and even then there was plenty of walking ‘space’ between the stores. I was told at Brooks Brothers that the stores were ‘mobbed’ on the Friday..

I found myself in “Off 5th” never one of my most favorite stores, but I thought I would ‘check it out” Ha!. Alas, I was probably a day late and all that, but they had marvelous haute couture fashions but either too small or too large for me.. but it was fun looking. My husband, trying to occupy his time, found himself at the cash register, and engaged into a conversation with the manager. He was informed that as of 11 a.m. yesterday, they had taken in around $100,000 of sales, and expected to take in around $400,000 by day’s end! I was amazed at the amount.

 That is an awful lot of merchandise being sold, especially when you consider the prices don’t seem to top $1000 or so..I was thinking that shopping had declined due to the economy, and it probably has based on what they used to sell, but obviously there are still buyers out there- arriving later in the day perhaps, but still buying in great numbers.

There are usually a large amount of Europeans there (special bus tours from the city), but yesterday I only heard a smattering of (British) English, Italian and a few Russian voices. There was a large amount of Asian shoppers, and I counted no less than 30 shopping bags from the Coach store with one group alone while they were waiting for their transportation (and I was waiting for my hubby after his bathroom visit…). There is definitely money to be spent, and I always like to see a shopping Center doing well. My husband and I thought that the fewer Europeans perhaps were an indication of what is happening in Europe. Who knows..but interesting. I thought it quite reflected today’s economy.. sans the lack of Russians but if you are an Oligarch you wouldn’t need a discount shopping center!

It was a great day off, (and of course I saved so much money) and I hope that the same trend will continue this fall in home sales for us all!

Westchester is GREAT!

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