A Super Bowl Menu ..

Gay's wingsI am not a football fan, but it would be very silly of me not to realize that this indeed a day to celebrate, enjoy one’s friends and family, and partake in some food.. a winter celebration and Holiday!  I was surprised to hear that pizza is the number three choice of party goers, and of course, the number one choice are those chicken wings… While delicious deep fried, and served with blue cheese and the trimmings, I like to make an equally delicious (I feel) style o f chicken wing, but one that is oven fried…  I just season with some cayenne, salt & pepper, and fry  on a rack to allow the fat to drip down for 400 degrees in the oven for an hour or until thy are browned and crispy looking..  I then serve them with our favorite sauces.. in our case, a hot sauce and a sweet and spicy chipotle sauce by Gringo JackGringo Jack’s is a restaurant in Southern Vermont and I must say that we love all of the sauces they sell.. served with a nice coleslaw made of cabbage, carrots and a jalapeño which is tossed with a touch of light mayonnaise compliment the dish perfectly!IMG_20140202_184656_430

IMG_20140202_183038_371I did make  a large dish of baked  macaroni and cheese, but it wasn’t overpowered with loads of cheese.. a huge serving dish only contained 12 ounces of  sharp cheddar..

Pork & Green Tomatillo StewHowever, while I had to make the wings, my favorite dish of the day was my green chili stew! I made it with pork shoulder, but the sauce is  really great on its own and served over rice if you would like a vegetarian version.  I had adapted a recipe from the internet which calls for tomatillos, poblano chilies and jalapeño chilies

IMG_20140202_150616_001which I roasted first… then pureed them as per the recipe, and combined them the meat and sauce mixture. This is really a great recipe and I really recommend it..  I also throw in a few potatoes too.. all good…When it is all served with fresh  julienned vegetables, etc.  and a healthy dip…   delish!  Westchester is GREAT!

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