ID now required at Open Houses!

signIt has long been a topic of conversation. How, can we, as professionals, allow anyone (stranger, neighbor) to enter another’s home at an open house? Yes, we wish to sell that home, but shouldn’t we, as Realtors, ensure the security of our owners homes ?  Now, more than ever, based on the most recent act of violence  against a Realtor in Arkansas,  it is also important to take steps to secure our personal security also. We are always taught to tour the home with the potential buyers for obvious security reasons,  and to take various safety precautions such as not to enter a basement with someone. To go down the stairs after someone and not before them…

Houlihan Lawrence now has a new ruling. Photo ID is now required at all public open houses. Today, I posted my first notice at the front door, and requested of several visitors their ID. They all gave,  and I apologized of course…but at the end of the day, this is as much for our home-owners as it is for us.  Their home is important. We are all important! Henceforth, if a visitor chooses not show their ID then we must politely request they return with their agent of choice. There are now various apps an agent can utilize also.. BSafe, AgentArmor, Watchoverme , etc. In today’s world, this is important for all.

Westchester is GREAT!

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