Rochelle Heights – New Rochelle- Historic & Glorious!

Cities and towns that are privileged ( to my way of thinking) offer Historic areas, and New Rochelle is no exception.  Recognized as being an Historic Distoric back in 1986, the residents have long known and appreciated what the area has to offer. Back in 2012, I had written an article about Rochelle Heights and how the original turn of the Century  homes were built and sold all between $3-5000. The roads were originally private, and there were gas lights (of course!), but with right of way,  etc. , all of that slowly changed. The majestic  Colonial, Victorian, Queen Anne, Antebellum Mansion style homes bespoke elegance, quality craftsmanship, and the area was known as ‘the’ place to sojourn to from the busy city life.

Funnily enough, in my 2012 blog post, I had mentioned how Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee lived in Rochelle Heights. I had the distinct pleasure of selling that home last year to friends and who also reside in the area. They love it so!

Being recognized as an Historic District, exterior changes must all be brought before the New Rochelle Historical and Landmarks Review  Board for review.  While you might see some fences  around some homes, they were grand fathered, and fences are no longer permitted in the area.  This is fine as it gives the home owners a great opportunity to be creative and artistic in their landscaping!

The HLRB reviews only those changes that are proposed by the applicant, that affect the exterior of the building or property, and that are visible from a public street. If an owner is making minor repairs with the exact same material or is repainting in exactly the same color, then no review is required. However, if an architectural feature is being replaced in its entirety, a COA is required. If property owners are not sure as to the requirements, the safest solution is to call the City and inquire. The Board issues COAs when it is satisfied that proposed work has met legislated standards. “

Over the years,I have had the privilege of selling 7 properties in the area with multiple bidding on all of my listing sales! Located close to all transportation, and yet also close to Larchmont, it offers detailing perhaps not found in today’s modern homes.

One great unsung asset are the clay courts.  Known Rochelle Heights Racquet Club. Anyone from the area can join, and the fees are so reasonable ! The two red clay courts are gentler on the knees too!  Rochelle Heights also offers a wonderful neighborhood association.  Events throughout the year offered by the association are making this vibrant community even more desirable.  There is  the party at the clay courts when they open around Memorial Day,  there is the Pre-Halloween party (pizza and yummies for the many children who  attend),   The 5 K “Turkey Trot”  which was immensely successful this past year, and don’t forget the Holidays lights along Hamilton Avenue !

So, if you are thinking of moving to the suburbs,  if you ever see a home for sale in Rochelle Heights, always pop in and view it! You won’t be disappointed. Many offer lower taxes, larger properties and regal appointments.

New Rochelle is GREAT!

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