A Broker’s Open House versus a Public Open House – What is the Difference?


DSC_0550Sometimes, a customer or client will ask me what the difference between the two is. Obviously, one is for the agents and one is for the public, but what else? It is very important that the agents preview as many properties as possible so they can speak intelligently about their area. When they know the homes they can better advise their customers and clients on either listing prices or a possible bid, and quite simply, whenever we view a listing, it many times allows us to think of someone that house might just “suit!” I have walked into a home so many times, and thought of someone to send that listing to, and obviously, when I do send the listing, I can describe in detail what I saw and why I would think they would like the home.

There are always many brokers’ open houses scheduled in the multiple listing service, and each area has their own special day. For example, New Rochelle and Pelham share a Thursday… Larchmont, Eastchester, and Scarsdale share a Wednesday, and Rye and Larchmont share a Friday, and Rye, Bronxville and Harrison share a Tuesday, and so forth…The great thing about the different area days, is that if I would like to market my (for example) New Rochelle listings to perhaps Scarsdale or Larchmont agents, I can post a broker’s open house on “their” day, and conduct my broker’s open house then. Agents can attend any open house of course, but sometimes their time is limited because of the sheer multitude of homes to view.

With that in mind, many agents will try and ‘attract’ the agents to their broker’s open houses. For example, I usually introduce my listings to the market by serving luncheon – perhaps finger sandwiches, or sushi, or mini wraps…. with perhaps Perrier and fruit.  One time, I had discovered that June 1st was also Mint Julep Day in South Carolina, and I utilized that for a mint julep broker’s open house from 2-4 p.m, trying to emphasize and compliment the beautiful property of that particular listing . (The mint juleps, while alcoholic were diluted!) I also offer wine raffles to all visiting agents… all ways to entice them into the house, and to see it… and then perhaps they will think of that special client.

I have held Apple Cider and cheese tastings.. Last Fall I conducted a wine and cheese party for 3 hours for the agents…. All to create a buzz and attract the agents (and then by osmosis their customers and clients!).

DSC_0556Conversely, a public open house is in a relaxed setting, allowing the potential buyer to go to the home, and see if they would like it, without their having to bother their agent (if they have one), or to make an appointment. People lead such busy lives, that if an open house is scheduled say from 1-3, or 1-4 p.m., then it allows the buyer to go to the home at their leisure within that time frame. I have sold many homes from public open house events each year, and so I sincerely feel they are an important part of marketing a home successfully.  The attendees have their own agents, but who knows the home better than I (or the owners), and so I am able to pass on that information to the interested parties, and they can then inform their agents of their interest (or I can!). I like to have little chocolate bars featuring a photo of the house on the wrapper with my information, or I have given out lavender sachets from my garden, or even seed packets (such as “Forget-me-nots!).

No matter what an agent does, it is all with the purpose of best representing their sellers’ home to better market the home, and to sell it!

In choosing your agent, ask them how they will market your home.

New Rochelle is GREAT!

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