My Neighborhood, Paine Heights, 10804

I had written about my neighborhood back in  2012, and oh how it has changed!  Not the actual neighborhood with its wonderful homes, property sizes of around 0.35 of an acre, and beautiful tree-lined streets, but the neighbors! As with any area, people downsize, retire to smaller homes, apartments, relocate, or even look for larger homes too.  One owner has even acquired a neighboring property to make a family compound of sorts.

I can recall writing about a neighbor who would walk with her husband in the morning and their dog with each of them holding a coffee mug. I used to find it cute, amusing but drinking coffee while walking a dog?  Well, hello – yours truly now takes her first cup of coffee with her on her walk with her pooch. I love it!  (But mine has a lid). I actually  walk with a friend, Debbie Chassen (a GREAT Speech Pathologist),  and her dog, Havana, and I like to sit by her kitchen  (yes, on the stoop), feeding my dog some nutritious treats, while I appreciate nature, and, ‘yes’, my coffee. We will pass other neighbors  on our morning trek, and there is always a sense of ‘being home’ of being surrounded by lovely people, a great neighborhood.

I have had the privilege of selling homes in the area as well,  and on the street this year ; 222 Paine Avenue, 229 Paine Avenue, 185 Paine Avenue (in contract)  85 Crawford Terrace (in contract), 186 Lyncroft Road,  and with past sales at 116 Lyncroft Road and 11 Lyncroft Road,  so all good!  When I listed 222 Paine Avenue, I was contacted by a past  owner’s daughter who regaled me with stories from her childhood. She had LOVED Paine Avenue and its surrounds. What amazed me was the fact that the internet is so grand, we can communicate so quickly, that the lady was able to reach out to me just as quickly,  saw the marketing of the home via Sotheby’s just as quickly.. and HOW wonderful it was to learn more about the area and its past neighbors too.

In listing 85 Crawford Terrace, I learned that a past owner was Branford Marsalis of ‘The Tonight with David Letterman’ fame. More importantly, I also learned that the current owner was a distinguished dancer at the Alvin Ailey Dance Theater for over 14 years. Oh my!

There is a neighborhood internet news site which is great. We can advertise items to be sold, garage sales, ads for house hold help,  tutors,  missing pets, and it is a great way to appreciate and learn about our neighbors. It helps make our neighborhood a community.

The avenue is named after Thomas Paine,, and there is a cottage and museum, with yearly craft fairs both as a fund raiser and to demonstrate to our children how the Colonials once lived with candle making,  smithing, weaving, etc. Named after Thomas Paine, there is also the Paine to Pain Half Marathon as well!

If you read my older blog from 2012,  I will comment that the neighbor who plays tennis in the tightie whities is still there… one neighbor’s home has been the site of a wonderful television series “Thanksgiving”..  and I have regularly seen film crews in the neighborhood filming at one or another of our great homes.  This is Paine Heights, 10804. We are diverse, we are a community.

I recently published a  third quarter newsletter Gays Fall 2017 Newsletter for New Rochelle, breaking down the zip codes into different price points.

Yes, New Rochelle is GREAT!



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