New Story – Sotheby’s Helping to build Homes for the Needy

Each time I see the video regarding ‘New Story’, I tear up. Who wouldn’t? There are so many people who are in dire need of our help, and it really doesn’t cost us much at all to just reach out a little…. When I was younger, my mother would read Hans Christian Andersen’s  story of “The Little Match Girl” each December. It was her way, I believe,  to make myself and my siblings feel thankful for what we had, and to instill in us how others need help.

When I came to the U.S., one of the very first things I did upon working 3 jobs at once in the city, was to ‘adopt’ a young boy in Brazil.. Helping others has always stayed with me, and in my work ethic also ..  The same with my company. Julia B. Fee Sotheby’s.

Julia B. Fee Sotheby’s has just partnered with New Story… As our President and CEO, Mr. Paul Breunich recently noted:

“One of the exciting takeaways from this year’s Sotheby’s International Realty GNE in Las Vegas was the announcement of the Brand’s new partnership with New Story, a non-profit that works toward building safe, thriving communities in the developing world. Our Company has always been dedicated to aligning with philanthropic organizations that make a meaningful difference in the world, and I am pleased to share that we will participate in the initiative to support New Story in its mission to transform dangerous living environments into communities of safe, sustainable homes.

For just $6,000 per home, we will work with the organization to help construct houses for families in need, with 100% of donated dollars going directly to building efforts. New Story shares the excitement of the entire incredible process with us, sending us photos and stories of the families we sponsor, updates on the specific supplies and costs our contributions cover, and a final move-in video once the homes are completed.

Yet New Story does even more than build houses – they provide jobs and economic stability for the communities they service. By hiring local labor and purchasing domestic materials, New Story helps to boost the economies of the countries where they work.

As part of our goal for 2018, I have made the commitment for our Corporate Office to help build at least two homes with New Story. In addition, each of our Brokerages will make their own commitments to building additional homes.

For more information on New Story, including details of the Brand’s partnership, please click to see New Story Video. ”

Each office has committed to raising the funds to build a home. Perfect! We sell homes all of the time, so why not help build one!  This holiday season will start within our office with all of the money utilized for gift giving to be donated to New Story – and to OUR  New Story home.  With 3 -4 expected closings before year’s end, my gifts to my clients will be a donation in their names to help build a home. Not just any home, but one helping to create a NEW STORY. While the video showed homes built in Haiti,  Land has been purchased in Mexico, and it is expected that each office committing to build a home,  we will be actually creating a new village. Well, that MAKES my Holiday – and so much better than reading a sad story but rather offering a positive story- full of hope, and how we can all make a difference.  My company is currently initiating a gift giving website further enabling contributions…
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