Tlaquepaque Restaurant – Mexican Dining at its Best!

SO, with an Australian house guest, we are endeavoring to show her how great our local restaurants are, one at a time!  In wishing to visit a local, Mexican Restaurant in New Rochelle, I came across The Tlaquepaque Restaurant located at 347 North Avenue. I had noticed a wonderful review in the Westchester Magazine, and that was enough for me!

Salmon with a pistachio sauce at Restaurant Tlaquepaque

The restaurant is intimate with a wonderful ambiance, the host (and owner) was so gracious and great, he made us feel immediately welcomed. I was enchanted by a Mexican station on the television, televising videos of Mexican singers which truly made you feel you were a part of their audience. It all added to the evening’s enjoyment.

My son loved the cactus!

We were served with home made chips and a nicely spiced salsa – those were soon gobbled up – so fresh and Delicious.

We first ordered calamari frito con mayonesa picante (fried calamari with a picante mayonnaise dipping sauce), and the guacamole and chips (avocado, chopped tomatoes, cilantro, jalapeno pepper and lemon)..  Both delicious.

Pollo Tlaquepaque

There were five of us, and so different food choices ! I ordered one of the house specials – Salmon with a pistachio sauce, perfectly cooked vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower and carrots all with a slight crunch), and white rice. We also savored the Pollo Tlaquepaque (sauteed chicken breast with bell peppers, onion, peaches and a spicy tomato sauce served with white rice and beans) – the peaches were a great compliment to the spicy sauce.., Bistec Tampiquena (grilled steak topped with two cheese enchiladas served with refried beans), Chiles Rellenos (Mexican bell peppers stuffed with cheese in a vegetable broth or in a tomato cream sauce) , and a son ordered a steak dish with cactus which he said was delicious ( alas he didn’t share- it was gone too quickly!).  There were a variety of desserts offered, but we were all too full. Next time!

Beer seemed to be the perfect accompaniment on a very hot day, but wines and margaritas of course are also served!  The owner treated us all to a Tequila shot after our dinner! Oh my! A first for me.. I loved it.

Will we be returning to this New Rochelle restaurant?  Si, si si!

Tlaquepaque – located at 347 North Avenue, New Rochelle,  and my one complaint would be that there is no website! It took me 9 years to find this great restaurant . My loss but now gain!

New Rochelle is GREAT!


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