What is in YOUR Attic?

When we bought our home in 1993, being new to real estate, we never even thought to look up into the attic prior to closing on the home. Too gentile, didn’t wish to pry, and too naive! Obviously, we would be checking everything now as well we or anyone should.

At any rate, the previous owner shad left items here and there. For instance, I found a Hermes riding crop in a closet, which we returned to them as follows. While we were renovating, a neighbor would see the past owner’s children drive slowly by the house many times. She kindly gave me their phone number, and once we had renovated the kitchen, we called them and invited them over one evening for dessert and drinks. They were thrilled to see the house again, and I then gave to them the riding crop as a memory.

My youngest son was only a few months old when we had moved, and so between the renovating, and taking care of my 3 children, it wasn’t until a year or so later did I even venture into the attic with the purpose of cleaning it out. I found wrapped in old newspapers dating back to 1943 and old Kilim rug. I love antiques and was thrilled. I sent it to a rug restoration company, but it would have cost far more than the rug was worth to be restored as it was so full of moth holes.

A friend found a safe in her home, and when she had it opened, found some gold within. That was a find!

Have you ever found anything interesting in your attic?

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