Biggest Perks of Moving to New Rochelle, N.Y.

How is life in New Rochelle, New York? Is it a wise idea to move to New Rochelle? When
deciding which cities are best for your personality, status, and personal preferences, there are
numerous elements to consider. For instance, you need to check the climate, cost of living,
community, career prospects, outdoor activities, and things to do. Therefore, we would like to
present the biggest perks of moving to New Rochelle, NY. Read on to discover why moving and
living in New Rochelle can change your life.

New Rochelle, NY, in numbers

New Rochelle, New York, is renowned for its stone houses, well-kept lawns, and stunning Long
Island Sound vistas. With a population of about 80,000, New Rochelle ranks as the seventh-
largest city in New York. One interesting fact is that Rochelle Park was one of the country’s
earliest planned communities. Also, the city’s 9.3 miles of beachfront, 231 acres of public parks, and municipal marina are all notable perks.

Schools are great

New Rochelle has five public primary schools. And according to a recent study, New
Rochelle’s public elementary schools are rated 60.5 out of 100, with 100 being the best. In
addition, almost 15% of primary school children in New Rochelle are enrolled in private schools.

At the same time, the two public middle schools in New Rochelle also score above average, and
around a quarter of the middle school students here go to private schools. However, what the city is most proud of it’s its high school. The most Advanced Placement subjects in Westchester
are offered at the prestigious New Rochelle High School, which also has the highest rate of Ivy
League admissions of any Westchester school district. In addition, Iona College, College of New Rochelle, and Monroe College, three esteemed private institutions in the city, offer bachelor’s and master’s degrees programs.

Moving to New Rochelle will allow your kids to learn in great schools.

Homes are affordable

Another perk of moving to New Rochelle, NY, is that it has affordable housing. Of course, New
York may provide affordable housing just as well, but New Rochelle is ideal for people seeking a more peaceful environment. Therefore, you should know that in New Rochelle, the typical sale price of a property is around $720K, and the average time it spends on the market is 32 days. However, median selling prices differ amongst different types of real estate. In New Rochelle, for instance, a single-family home’s median sale price is around $850K. With a typical transaction price of condos of $210K, they are more affordable than single-family homes in the New Rochelle region. At the same time, consider one of the numerous New Rochelle
apartments for rent if you’re not ready to buy a house here.

New Rochelle is safe

Before moving there or purchasing a property, it is essential to know if New Rochelle is safe for
you and your family. After all, when choosing a place to live, safety is one of the most crucial
considerations. Living in an area where crime is a concern is undesirable. Therefore, is New
Rochelle a safe place to live?

You and your family members will be safe in New Rochelle

Yes, New Rochelle is a safe community. Compared to other cities of similar size, the crime rate
is low, and the town offers lots of family-friendly activities. Like every city, some parts are riskier than others. In reality, no city is entirely crime-free. However, New Rochelle is a safe location to live, work, and raise a family. The low crime rate and family-friendly activities here make it a great area. Therefore, you can be confident that moving to New Rochelle, NY will put you and your family in a generally safe environment.

There are lots of things to do

The activities in New Rochelle range from eating at neighborhood eateries to visiting one of the
many parks. You can visit some of New Rochelle’s well-known attractions, including the Thomas Paine Cottage and the Museum of Arts and Culture. In addition, Fleetwood Stage and New Rochelle Opera are a few arts venues that contribute to the city’s arts and cultural scene. Also, New Rochelle has several parks to choose from, including Hudson Park, Five Islands Park, and Glen Island Park & Beach. Finally, the city is home to many great restaurants and cafes that cater to all tastes.

The city and surroundings are accessible

New Rochelle encourages the community to use bicycles as transportation.

There are several ways to travel around New Rochelle. However, a car is the most convenient.
New Rochelle has an above-average walk score, indicating that this region is moderately
walkable if you’re exploring the city on foot. Public transportation is another option for getting
about the city. Buses are widespread around the city and are a convenient way to get about. In addition, three heavy rail stations are located in New Rochelle. As a result, you may commute into the city from the surrounding region and even go to neighboring cities using heavy rail. You can also use a bicycle to navigate New Rochelle, which has good infrastructure for riding.

Therefore, if you want to move to New Rochelle, the city’s infrastructure will help you relocate
quickly. In addition, if you hire moving professionals, you can ensure a positive experience in
this beautiful city. Movers will help you relocate safely and start your new life on the right foot.

The cost of living is a crucial factor when deciding where to relocate. Therefore, compared to
most other cities in the state and the nation, New Rochelle has a cheaper cost of living. On a
state and federal level, certain places may have more significant expenses than others.
However, on average, utilities, groceries, transportation, health care, and other services are less expensive in New Rochelle.

Low cost of living

Final words

As you can see, there are many perks to moving to New Rochelle, NY. This city can guarantee
that you will have a safe and tranquil life as a single or alongside your family. In addition, there
are lots of things to see and do in the city, and around it, so you will never get bored. However,
if you want to ensure you will find the perfect home in New Rochelle, get in touch with a
reputable local real estate agent. That way, you will have the house of your dreams in the
perfect city.

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